Abattoir planned for Carn

Diviny Drive at Carn Industrial estate.
Diviny Drive at Carn Industrial estate.

A Portadown businessman has sought to allay concerns about a proposed meat processing plant and abattoir for Carn.

Mr Patrick McCann, who currently owns Simply Fruit, a successful producer of fresh cut fruit, said the change of use to an abattoir should raise no issues.

However, a number of Portadown residents contacted the Times claiming they were unhappy with the proposals and concerned about issues of smell and heavy transport.

Mr McCann said the proposed meat processing plant at Diviny Drive at Carn Industrial Estate, Portadown was in a designated government food park and he has received no objections from neighbouring businesses.

Simplyfruit (IRE) Ltd in the near future are relocating to a larger site within Carn Industrial Estate.

An application has been made to the planning office for a change of use for the present site from fruit to meat processing, including an abattoir.

It has been made in the name of Brookland Enterprises, a property and bloodstock company owned by the same directors as Simplyfruit (IRE) Ltd.

The proposals for the 0.95 hectares site include plans for a large slaughter hall with three chill rooms, another for stomach contents and one for animal hides. There will also be blood tanks and offal processing. In addition it will house changing areas and a packaging room plus animal holding pens.

Paul McCreanor who is the architect dealing with the application told the Times, “It is a small enough operation. It is not a rendering plant and will only be dealing with the slaughter and quartering of animals and then they will be moved on. There are no nasty processes.”

Mr McCann pointed to the Denny Group’s location in Obins Street in Portadown surrounded by hundreds of houses and said he would be happy to speak to allay any fears about what will be a substantial investment in the local area.

One letter writer to the Times said they were ‘appalled’ at the application.

A ‘Very concerned Portadown resident’ said, “The smell from this will be horrendous, even right up to the hospital. The onslaught of cattle trucks down Church Road, Kernan Road will be awful. House prices in the area of Kernan Hill, Manor, Kernan Mandeville and ourselves will plummet.

“It’s ironic that this was advertised in the Portadown Times on the April 18, Good Friday, when many people will be away on holiday.”

A DOE spokesman said, “Fourteen days is the minimum amount of time that the Department must allow for representations to be received, before a decision is taken. However, in practice representations are accepted up until a decision is made.”