An ‘eggstravaganza’ of family fun awaits visitors at W5 this Easter

Try your hand at sports skills at W5's multi-sports simulators. INLT 15-654-CON
Try your hand at sports skills at W5's multi-sports simulators. INLT 15-654-CON

Some wacky egg rolling, a challenge to “Get Active” and life in extreme close up will be on offer this Easter at W5, Northern Ireland’s award-winning interactive discovery centre at Odyssey.

Spring is bursting out all over W5 with fun, excitement and new experiences on all floors.

Discover if you have “eggs -actly” what it takes to win in W5’s seasonal favourite egg racing, discover the science of sport in W5 brand new Get Active exhibition and discover 18 beautiful, strange and occasionally alarming photographs in the 2014 Wellcome Image Awards exhibition!

A whole “eggs-travaganza” awaits this Easter at W5. From Saturday 12 until Sunday 27 April, W5 is a must-visit for all lovers of fun, frolics and fascinating facts. From the ultra popular egg racing to daily science demonstrations W5 has something for everyone this Easter.

Egg-streme egg rolling

We all know that rolling eggs down a hill is an age old Easter tradition. But did you know that racing bouncy eggs down a steep sloped obstacle course is now the W5 Easter tradition? Join in the “eggs-citement” this Easter in a fun event for all the family! This IS- egg rolling.... just not like your granny used to do it!

The science of sport

Summer 2014 is set to be a summer of sport with the redevelopment of the three national stadiums underway, the eagerly anticipated Giro d’ Italia passing through from 9-11 May and the World Cup and Commonwealth Games kicking off in June and July.

Everyone knows that sport is an activity, which requires a skill or physical ability to complete. But ultimately it is about having fun and challenging yourself to see if you can do better. We may all have a favourite player or team but what you may not know is that there is often a whole array of experts behind the scenes keeping them on track to achieve their goal.

W5, supported by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure have developed Get Active – ‘The Science of Sport’, a brand new exhibition exploring sports through the eyes of coaches, nutritionists and, of course, players. As with all W5 experiences, the exhibition will give you the chance to see how good you could be by bringing the excitement of real sports to life with our multi sports simulators. So get out, get hands on and get active this Easter at W5.

Life in extreme close up

From scanning electron micrographs of a kidney stone to an X-ray of a bat, a three dimensional computed tomography image of a seal skull and a cross section of a flower bud, the pictures from this year’s Wellcome Image Awards are beautiful, strange and occasionally alarming and can be seen in an exclusive exhibition at W5 this Easter.

The Wellcome Image Awards is an annual competition celebrating creative and captivating images, bringing to life a wealth of scientific and medical discovery. The ability of an image to tell a story is a powerful one and can communicate strongly some of the health challenges we are facing. 

From detailed microscopy and clinical photography to illustration, the Wellcome Image Awards provide an opportunity to show in minute detail the wonder that can be found in the world around and within us.

This is a fascinating opportunity to see these images and your only opportunity to see this exhibition in Ireland.

All W5’s Easter activities are free with admission to W5. For opening times and admission prices, visit