Anger after trees destroyed at Selshion

Aubrey McCrory calling for action.
Aubrey McCrory calling for action.

A keen Portadown environmentalist has called on the DoE to investigate the devastation of a large swathe of the Selshion Moss area, after three acres of trees were chopped down earlier this month.

Aubrey McCrory has also asked why so many trees have been axed in the widening of the Northway.

“Hundreds of trees have been chopped down, both in the main Moss and in the ‘avenue’ approach. I believe that trees are being chopped down all over the place to feed the growth of wood burners, which are having a shocking effect on the environment.

“You hear about trees being axed to make way for this housing development here and roads there – many with the blessing of the planners. Ireland, north and south, is being denuded of trees at a shocking rate. No wonder this island has the least percentage of trees in Europe. I have friends in Canada, and every tree that’s cut down there has to be replaced.”

He added he was devastated by the “wanton destruction” at Selshion Moss. “The moss, which lies between the Loughgall and Moy roads, is famous for its acres of silver birch.

“It also contains a large range of wildlife – frogs, dragon flies, butterflies, many birds, including buzzards. I have contacted the DoE to find out who did this, and I have asked them to put a stop to it right away.

“I have walked and enjoyed this area since my childhood days. I am also going to contact the National Trust and suggest that Selshion is given the same status as Brackagh Moss, which is a model on how an area of wildlife should be managed.

“The DoE has contacted me and has promised to look in to it. I am hoping the destroyed area will be tidied up and re-planted.

“I am also asking everyone - politicians and the general public - to contact the DoE on 9056 9564 and protest over this.”