Annie on stage at Killicomaine

Juliette Roberts as Little Orphan Annie
Juliette Roberts as Little Orphan Annie

KILLICOMAINE Junior High School’s production of Annie will be staged next Wednesday and Thursday, January 17 and 18.

Pupils have been rehearsing hard for the musical, which includes the much-loved songs ‘Tomorrow’, ‘Maybe’ and ‘Hard Knock Life’ among its numbers.

The show tells the story of the 1930s cartoon character Little Orphan Annie, who tries to run away from the orphanage where she has lived for 10 years, under the watchful eye of Miss Hannigan.

However, she is soon caught and returned there, only to be chosen to spend a week at Christmas with a billionaire, Mr Warbucks, a friend of President Roosevelt.

Annie’s personality soon wins over the workaholic Warbucks and he wants to adopt her. She reveals that her parents had left a note promising to return for her, so Warbucks begins a nationwide search, promising a large reward.

This draws many couples claiming to be her parents, but none has the vital information until Miss Hannigan’s brother Rooster, with girlfriend Lily, arrives with a convincing story.

The pupils in the leading roles are Juliette Roberts as Annie, Matthew Walsh as Warbucks, Chloe Wilson as Grace Farrell, Evie Symington as Miss Hannigan, Jonathan Matchett as Rooster and Amie Woodhouse as Lily.

Joining them on stage in his first role is Max, a bearded collie, who plays the part of a stray dog which Annie befriends.

Meanwhile staff and pupils have been working hard to produce the usual high standard of costumes, props and scenery to create a convincing 1930s atmosphere.

An innovative section has been filmed of Annie, Grace and Warbucks setting off for the movies, where the audience can capture the essence of 1930s New York and the thrill of a visit to the cinema to see ‘King Kong’.

Tickets are available from staff and pupils, or by phoning the school office on 3833 2021 as soon as possible. The price is £6 or £4 concession and the show starts at 7.30.