Asian style jewellery is taken during burglary

JEWELLERY was taken in a burglary at Bleary Road in Portadown on Tuesday.

Some time between 1 and 3pm on Tuesday, 5 February, entry was forced to a house and the property ransacked. A quantity of Asian style jewellery was taken along with a large, decorative Coke bottle containing cash which the householders were raising for charity. The jewellery is made up of rings, necklaces, earrings and bangles and is of great sentimental value to its owners.

A silver or blue vehicle, possibly an Audi, was observed in the area in the days prior to the burglary.

Police are appealing to anyone who noticed the vehicle or any other activity leading up to the burglary to contact them. They are also keen to hear from anyone who may come across the Coke bottle or who is offered jewellery of this nature for sale under suspicious circumstances.