Breaking news: Parkmount parade called off

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Tonight’s dedication parade for the Parkmount Arch has been called off at the eleventh hour, with organisers citing restrictions placed on it by the Parades Commission and the safety of the local ‘Protestant, Unionist, Loyalist’ community..

In a statement organisers said: “Parkmount Arch Committee have decided to call off their parade tonight due to the revised restrictions placed on it, while a time restriction was placed on the original determination the committee & band could have completed the dedication within the allotted time.

“However in the space of a weekend and no incidents the Parades Commission completely reversed the decision after a visit from the republican Brendan McKenna, what threats did he issue? This is one of the many questions that the Parades Commission refuse to answer. The Parades Commission have by the stupid & unanswerable backtrack increased tensions in the area not us.

“We have also taken this decision to withdraw due to safety concerns for the PUL residents that continue to live in the area, only this morning we experienced how the PSNI refused to stop drunken republicans from approaching the arch while it was being erected, these same republicans abused and threatened members of the arch committee and only for the support of the assembled PUL community it could have been worse.

“The arch committee wish to thank the PUP, DUP & other community workers for their help and support thus far however we are disgusted that to date the UUP have provided us with no support.

“Some may see this as a climb down we see it as only the start of our fight to ensure that the Parkmount Arch is dedicated correctly. The Arch committee is committed to getting the answers to our questions and will use every avenue open to us in this mission.”