Call made for Scarva footpath repair

MLA Sydney Anderson
MLA Sydney Anderson
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There’s been a call for the footpath adjacent to the Canal Court development, Main Street, Scarva to be repaired.

DUP MLA Sydney Anderson stated, “This particular stretch of footpath has fallen into a state of disrepair with subsidence having occurred. It can be described as nothing more than an eyesore due to the severe cracks and deep fissures which are clearly visible. It would appear that previous work that was carried out has led to the current condition occurring.”

He added.”The residents of Scarva take great pride in their village and as such wish to see footpaths kept in a good condition. It is important that we recognise the tourism potential of Scarva which attracts thousands of visitors each year to events such as the flagship Thirteenth of July celebrations in the village. It is therefore essential that Scarva village be maintained to a high standard and as such I am fully committed to pressing for the necessary repairs to be carried out. I will now be liaising with Transport NI in an effort to see this footpath repaired and hopefully action can be forthcoming in the near future.”