Calls to scrap traffic lights at Edenderry

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Calls to remove the traffic lights at Edenderry are growing after traders insisted last week that they are causing serious traffic jams rather than alleviating them.

Butcher David Hoy told the Portadown Times that the lights broke down for a couple of hours on Tuesday “and the traffic flowed far more smoothly”.

Now, Alderman Arnold Hatch is contacting the DRD, asking them to restore and expand the former roundabout system and dismantle the complicated lights set-up that controls traffic from five directions.

He added, “The traffic queues at Edenderry since the installation of the new traffic lights have lengthened considerably The whole idea was to accommodate the Asda development but the Roads Service engineers have gone too far.

“It is well known that the most efficient method of processing traffic coming from so many different directions is via a roundabout. What we have now is a mile-long queue out the Gilford Road at rush hours, and almost as long on the Lurgan Road as well as traffic needlessly held up over the Bann Bridge trying to get out of the town – both in the Gilford and Lurgan directions. The area is lit up like a Christmas tree.

“If work is approved on the next phase of the public realm scheme, with a lot of work scheduled for Edenderry, that will be a golden opportunity to put things right. The lights system was installed to benefit Asda, but the exit from Watson Street is rarely used by shoppers – they enter and exit Asda either via Northway or Joseph Street. The Watson Street lights are superfluous.

“I am writing to the DRD and await their answer with interest. The entire Edenderry area and beyond is being handicapped by these traffic jams.

“Of course, they could modernise and expand the former roundabout system and help everyone.

“It even makes parking more difficult – affecting the businesses in the area - and that will also have to be sorted out.”