Car crashes into pole in town centre

The scene of the crash in High Street.
The scene of the crash in High Street.

There was major traffic congestion in Portadown town centre today after a car crashed into a pole close to High Street Mall.

Police were on the scene quickly and are investigating the accident in which the car suffered significant damage.

Nobody was injured when the small red Mitsubishi car crashed into a lamppost in the centre of Portadown around lunchtime on Wednesday.

It happened when the car, which was travelling downtown, went out of control and mounted the central reservation before hitting the lamppost. The front driver’s side of the car was badly damaged.

Police were quickly on the scene directing traffic. The outside lane of High Street was blocked and the traffic jam snaked into West Street and into Church Street.

The obstruction was cleared soon afterwards, and traffic was flowing freely. The cause of the accident is being investigated.