Carn road racers ‘putting lives at risk’

Road ‘racers’ are endangering lives by using the New Charlestown Road and other areas around Carn as a race track, it has been claimed.

John Stevenson of the Progressive Unionist Party said the anti-social behaviour took place mostly at weekends, but also on some week nights, and involved up to four cars “rallying” while others watched.

The cars are also racing in a ‘loop’ from the Charlestown Road via the Carbet Road.

The PUP Portadown representative has taken a video and says he will be passing registration numbers on to police.

He said, “I have witnessed cars travelling at speeds of up to 100 mph. The video shows quite clearly the reckless behaviour taking place, watched by upwards of 50 people at 9pm on Sunday evening.

“We also witnessed various cars racing at dangerous speed along country roads around and past housing developments.”

He said the PUP reported the activity to the PSNI six months ago but it is still continuing.

“We call on the PSNI to take immediate action to stop this dangerous behaviour before someone is killed or seriously injured.

“We will continue to monitor and report as this activity occurs and our local branch representatives will be pursuing the PSNI to insist and ensure that something is done to resolve the matter.”

Mr Stevenson said the area around Carnreagh, the Ulsterbus depot and Post Office sorting office was also attracting similar behaviour.

He added, “If residents aren’t happy about approaching police themselves, they can pass the details on to us and we will do it. The numbers to phone are 07851 734 324, 07851 734 325 or use our email address at”

He added that the party had produced anti-social behaviour packs to enable the public to keep a record of any troubling incidents. These will be passed on to police.

The Portadown Times contacted the police for a response but none had been received by the time of going to press.