Christian friends attacked in Tunnel

'The Tunnel'. INPT08-104gc
'The Tunnel'. INPT08-104gc

Two friends were viciously attacked by a gang in Obins Street as they were making their way home.

The incident, which DUP politicians say was a blatant sectarian attack, happened in the early hours of Saturday, February 1.

The Times understands the two men were set upon by five men under the Tunnel at Obins Street. One of the men tried to defend the other and sustained cuts and bruising to his face as kicks and punches were rained down on him. He required hospital treatment for his injuries.

Speaking on behalf of the family, DUP MLA Sydney Anderson said, “These were two decent young Christian men who were attacked for purely sectarian reasons. Police have confirmed to me they are treating it as a hate crime.

“One of the friends tried to protect the other and took an awful beating.”

In the article that appeared in last week’s paper it was incorrectly stated that the two men were members of Xpression. We apologise for any confusion.