Community service for man who defecated in police cell

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A 24-year-old Portadown man who defecated and urinated in a police cell was given 100 hours’ community service on Monday.

Jamie McAleenan of Parkside, admitted disorderly behaviour and unlawful damage to a police cell on March 30.

District Judge Mr Peter King said McAleenan’s behaviour was “completely disgusting”.

He had adjourned the case so that a short sentence report could be obtained to see if the defendant was suitable for community service.

The previous court heard that at 2.30am police were in the area of West Street and Mandeville Street.

They heard the defendant shout sectarian remarks but his friends said they would get him home. A short time later he was continuing with sectarian remarks and police spoke to him.

McAleenan was taken to Lurgan custody suite and when he was being put in a cell he said he was going to “s--t in the cell” and do a “dirty protest”.

He urinated and defecated in the cell.

McAleenan’s solicitor said he apologised for his behaviour.