Crime rises by 2.7% but police are upbeat

Chief Inspector Paul Reid.
Chief Inspector Paul Reid.

Crime in Craigavon has risen by 2.7%, according to the annual crime statistics published by the PSNI.

However, police in Craigavon have cleared more crimes this financial year compared to the previous year, the statistics show.

Police have cleared 105 more crimes in 2013/14 and have seen a 6.8 per cent decrease in domestic burglary.

Incidents of drug possession have increased by more than 8% and police have seized more than £410k worth of drugs during 2013/14.

Craigavon Area Commander, Chief Inspector Paul Reid said, “We are pleased that 105 more victims of crime have seen resolution, however, we have seen a rise in crime across Craigavon of 2.7 per cent. Whilst this follows a decrease in crime over the last three years it is still a concern for us and one which we are committed to tackling head on.

“A rise in violence against the person of 13.1 percent is concerning and we have been working hard with partners to reduce this figure.

“We have invested many resources into policing our night time economy and tackling alcohol fuelled assaults.

“We are also working with partners to educate the public about the consequences of these types of attacks.

“Domestic abuse incidents fall into this category and we are driving partnerships forward to provide more information on services available and to encourage victims of domestic abuse to report incidents to us and to allow us to provide assistance and investigate these incidents robustly.

“A decrease in burglary is welcome and is a result of the dedicated work by officers through targeted patrols and the commitment of the local community in securing their homes and property and reporting suspicious activity.

“Over the last year we have seen how much more effectively we can tackle crime when we work together with partners and the local community.

“I am asking local residents to continue to work with us and report any suspicious activity at the earliest opportunity.”