Drugs courier jailed

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A Laurelvale man was jailed for seven years at Liverpool Crown Court for his part in a plot to smuggle £1.25m of cocaine into the city.

Ryan McQueen (32), of Laurel Drive, was a courier for the three-man gang. In the days before his arrest, he flew from Belfast to Stanstead Airport and then drove a truck to the continent before returning via ferry. He was picked up by gang leader Christopher Corry (41) who brought him back to Liverpool with the cocaine.

The other defendant was Jordan Talbot (22), a former soldier with the Royal Irish Rangers, whose job was to pick up the drugs and deliver them to local criminals. All three pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

Prosecuting counsel said their motive was financial and quoted McQueen’s text to his girlfriend, saying, “I’ll do anything to secure our future comfortably.” She replied, “The money means nothing if you’re caught, how f***in’ stupid are you?”