Concreting prevents bins being opened


A hiccup by Roads Service, who concreted too high and prevented the Birches bin doors being opened and emptied, has been rectified.

Locals had rubbished Roads Service when the well-used bins at the newly refurbished Birches roundabout overflowed when staff at Craigavon Borough Council struggled to 
open them.

It turned out that while the Department of Regional Development Roads Service did a sterling job upgrading the road and roundabout at the M1 junction, the concrete was too high, blocking the bin doors and wedging them shut.

However, new plinths were ordered, the bins have been raised and the waste is now regularly accessed.

At a recent meeting of Craigavon Council DUP Cllr Alan Carson wished to place on record his thanks to the waste control officer and his team. He had queried the frequency the bins were emptied and asked if they could be emptied more regularly as he had received complaints that they were regularly overflowing since the improvement works.

And it was then that the waste control officer revealed that “when the DRD had been completing their improvement works to the roundabout they had concreted the bins into the new verges, but they had been concreted in so high, council staff could not open the bin doors so therefore could not empty them”.

The waste control officer had contacted DRD who had advised that they would take the bins out and re-affix them onto concrete plinths and that this remedial work would be completed by the end of March 2014.

A spokesperson for DRD said, “A kerbline on the roundabout was raised to prevent vehicles over-riding the verge resulting in the litter bins being unusable for a short period.

“The delay in the bins being raised was because new specially made plinths had to be obtained from a supplier. This work has now been carried out and the bins have been in service for a number of weeks.”