Fears over flooding on Mahon Road

Floodind is causing problems for motorists on the Mahon Road. INPT0713-222.
Floodind is causing problems for motorists on the Mahon Road. INPT0713-222.

MOTORISTS have voiced fears that someone could lose their life due to treacherous conditions caused by flooding on the Mahon Road between Portadown and Tandragee.

The heavy rain of recent weeks has caused flooding close to the Mahon Garden Centre and motorists believe urgent remedial work is needed before a serious accident happens.

Roads Service say they are aware of the problem and are investigating the cause.

One motorist who uses the road three to four times a day said the flooding had been particularly difficult to negotiate in recent days.

“It hits you before you know it. It’s just about alright if you know the road but when there is heavy rain the water comes out and covers about 60 to 70 per cent of the road,” he said.

“You either have to go through it or stop, and it’s dangerous if you are not expecting it.

“This morning I was coming from Tandragee direction I met a lorry coming the other way, and it was scary. I know the road, so it’s not too bad, but if you are not familiar with it, it could be a problem.

“There has been increased traffic there in the last couple of weeks because the road out to Shelbourne Motors has been closed.”

Another motorist has urged the Roads Service to consider implementing an improvement scheme.

He said, “The Mahon Road is a dangerous road at most times of the day, especially at night in the areas where there is no lighting. It is treacherous in a certain area due to flooding. Last weekend’s rain was particularly bad. On Sunday evening I drove past that area to be met by flooding on both sides of the road. Fortunately there were no vehicles coming in the opposite direction and if there was, I dread to think of the consequences. Temporary signs warning motorists of a ‘flood’ and to ‘check your brakes’ are totally inadequate. DRD Roads Service are spending thousands on road schemes that are quickly frankly in no need of repair.

“This is an urgent case and if ice, frost and snow were to fall on this part of the Mahon Road, it could be fatal.

“DRD Roads Service must have seen the article recently about the hazard of this part of the road. Let’s hope they do something about it.”

A Roads Service spokeswoman said, “Roads Service is aware of the flooding at this location and is currently carrying out investigations to establish the cause. Signs have been placed to warn drivers of the flood.”

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