Heartbreak for girl (6) after two cats die of poisoning

Brothers Gizmo, left, and Scruffy who were poisoned. INPT23-032
Brothers Gizmo, left, and Scruffy who were poisoned. INPT23-032

A six-year-old Portadown girl has been left distraught after the family’s two cats died of poisoning last week.

According to mum Lisa, her daughter Alex broke down sobbing when she was told what had happened to her one-year-old pets, Gizmo and Scruffy.

Two years ago, the family, who live in the Ulsterville Park area, endured a similar ordeal when their cats Mittens and Boots were poisoned. At that time, Lisa had bought the kittens to help her daughter, who suffers from emotional problems as a result of delayed development.

The first of the latest incidents took place last Monday. Said Lisa, “We have three cats and my husband went to call them. Gizmo came in and he was acting tame and a bit dazed. We thought he had fallen.

“I got up in the middle of the night and checked him. He was freezing cold so I put a blanket over him, and then he started taking seizures.”

Lisa phoned the vet at 4am and they suggested it might be slug pellets, in which case the cat would sleep it off.

When he was no better the next morning, Lisa took him to the surgery, where tests found the amount of anti-freeze in his body was so high that he was in complete kidney failure. “It was a horrific death,” said Lisa.

Two days later, Gizmo’s brother Scruffy began to exhibit the same symptoms. Said Lisa, “I phoned the vet again and then brought him down. He went into a coma and died the following day.”

Both cats were delivered and hand-reared by Lisa, with Scruffy, in particular, becoming a best friend to Alex. “The cat went everywhere with her except school,” her mum said.

Lisa is baffled as to what happened, but fears it was deliberate. “I can’t get my head round how anyone could do that to any animal. It makes me very scared for our remaining cat and the other cats in the area,” she said.