Judge apologises after his phone goes off in Craigavon Court


A judge has found himself in the embarrassing position of having his mobile phone go off in court - something which is deeply frowned upon.

Craigavon Crown 
Court Judge Patrick Lynch was hearing submissions from a barrister in a burglary case, when there suddenly came the dulcet notes of classical music.

Court staff scanned the room looking for the culprit only to hear Judge 
Lynch say, “I do apologise. It’s me.”

After grappling with his robes he retrieved the offending phone and switched it off.

He said, “I’m not terribly severe with others when this happens.

“There was a judge in England who was very strict on phones and when his own went off in court one day, he fined himself £100.”

Reconvening the court Judge Lynch added, “On 
this occasion, I’m going 
to let myself off with a warning.”