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Mandy Cowan.

Mandy Cowan.

A Tandragee woman, involved in one of the five accidents in the Ballylisk area over a period of 11 weeks, is calling on the DRD to pinpoint the cause of the spate of crashes.

The accidents happened on a short stretch of road between the main Mullavilly roundabout and the power station towards Tandragee.

The accident involving Mrs Mandy Cowan was the second of the sequence. Her 2006 silver-coloured Ford Focus was a write-off after it suddenly went into a skid, and ultimately finished on its roof after ploughing through a hedge.

The mother-of-two grown-up sons said, “I wasn’t injured in the crash, thanks to the fact that I was wearing my seat belt and kept a firm grip on the steering wheel, which follows all the right advice. But I was badly shaken.

“I’ve been driving that road for years without any problem. But the car suddenly went into a skid, there was nothing I could do. I ended up with the car on its side, and I found myself looking at the grass in the field.

“I tried to get out, but the car rocked alarmingly, and I was afraid to move. Luckily, there were men working on a bungalow across the road, they dashed across and held the car firm while I clambered across to the passenger door – which was facing the sky – and they helped me out of the car.

“And just after they rescued me, the car tumbled over on its roof. It was a scary experience.”

Mrs Cowan’s accident was on September 16 in the afternoon, and earlier that day the first of the succession of accidents occurred when a car driven by a young man smashed into the pillar of a house, damaging his car, the pillar and injuring him seriously.

The rest were within a matter of a few weeks. The third car ended up in a field, having gone through a fence and a hedge. The fourth also crunched through a hedge and ended in a field eight feet below the road. And the fifth removed an electric pole on the verge of the road.

“Thankfully, nobody was killed,” said Mrs Cowan. “But there must be something wrong, either with the camber of the road, the surface, or the curve of the bends. Road signs warning about the bends have been erected at either end of the crash section, although the last of the accidents wasn’t between the signs.”




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