Andrea’s car bears brunt of high winds

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The feeling was that Portadown, and Northern Ireland in general, avoided the worst of the fierce storm that devastated some parts of the UK last Thursday.

But try telling that to Tandragee woman Andrea McClenaghan who returned from a hairdressing appointment in Portadown to find her car had been damaged.

Andrea’s black Vauxhall Insignia was damaged when the plaster was blown off the gable wall of a house in William Street.

Andrea had parked her car in the pay park in the street, when the wind whipped an area of plaster from the wall and it tumbled onto the Vauxhall, causing damage to the bonnet and the windscreen.

Said Mrs McClenaghan, “I was at the hairdresser’s and someone came in and said a lot of stones had fallen on a black Vauxhall Insignia in the car park. I knew it was mine, but I was under the dryer and had to wait a few minutes before going to check.

“The damage wasn’t too bad. I rang my insurer and it was taken to a garage later in the morning. It wasn’t too badly damaged and at least nobody was under the plaster. That really would have been serious.”

Although Northern Ireland escaped the worst of the winds, which totalled more than 100mph in many other places, including the east coast of England, there was still damage caused to trees and there were reports of people being blown completely off their feet while out Christmas shopping in some Northern Ireland towns.


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