Man told police he used taser on himself ‘for fun’



A Portadown man was given a suspended sentence after being found in possession of shotgun cartridges and a taser, which he claims he used on himself “for fun”.

Alan McCreery (25) from Ballybay Park appeared in Craigavon Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday charged with possessing ammunition without a certificate and possession of a prohibited weapon.

The court heard that on April 17 a police search of the house in which McCreery lives with his mother found a box of 25 shotgun cartridges and a taser device shaped like a mobile phone. McCreery told police the cartridges had been given to him by a friend who’d found them while out fishing and that he was supposed to pass them to police.

His story was corroborated by the person who found the cartridges.

He said to police that he’d got the taser years ago and “used it on himself for fun”.

McCreery’s solicitor admitted that the defendant had a poor record but he added that he was currently on probation and it was “going well”.

He explained that the charge issued by the taser caused “some degree of discomfort” but it “wasn’t very forceful”. He said there was no assertion that McCreery was using it publicly in a violent or threatening way.

District Judge Mervyn Bates said McCreery had a record that indicated he hadn’t been involved in anything similar before.

“He has been a young man who has drunk too much and fought too much, but nothing of this nature,” he said.

He was given an eight-month sentence and a four-month sentence, both suspended for three years, and was fined a total of £365.




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