Mix-up in times leaves residents locked out of recycling centres

The Fairgreen Civic Amenity Site.

The Fairgreen Civic Amenity Site.

Residents hoping to recycle their Christmas waste were left locked out of Portadown and Lurgan amenity sites after a mix-up in advertised times.

Some motorists who turned up at the Fairgreen and New Line centres on Saturday, December 28, Sunday 29 and Monday 30 found that the sites had closed earlier than expected or were not open at all.

A Portadown man said he had gone to the Fairgreen with a carful of Christmas waste on Saturday at 3.45pm, only to find the gates already locked. He said, “I had a leaflet which I picked up at Brownlow pool saying the recycling centre was open until 5.45 that day.

“Another three cars arrived just after I did. I ended up having to go home and unload half the stuff again as I needed the car later that night.”

A spokesperson for Craigavon council apologised for the mix-up, saying an early draft of the holiday arrangements, showing incorrect times for three days for the amenity sites, was on display at Craigavon Leisure Centre.

The final print version was correct and was advertised in the local press and on the council’s website, Facebook and Twitter pages.




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