Man head-butted a wall in police station


During a drink fuelled incident a Portadown man refused to get into a police vehicle and then head-butted a wall in the station, Craigavon Court heard last Wednesday.

Christopher Stuart Sweeten (29) of Glanroy Avenue admitted disorderly behaviour and resisting a constable on May 11 this year.

For each offence he was given concurrent terms of 200 hours community service.

The court heard that at 12.15am at the Ashburn Hotel in Lurgan police spoke to the defendant who had cuts around his face and nose and a scrape on his forehead. He was falling into the shutters and was advised to go home.

Fifteen minutes later he was seen in the middle of the road. He told police ‘f—k off’ and ‘f—king arrest me, I have nowhere to go’.

He then raised his middle finger towards the police and when arrested said ‘get your f—king hands off me’ and ‘f—k the police’.

Sweeten then pushed his feet against the doors of the police vehicle and refused to get in. He was walked and carried to the police station where he head-butted a wall in the custody suite.

A barrister for Sweeten said it was extremely poor behaviour fuelled by the consumption of alcohol.

He added that the defendant did have problems with alcohol in the past and up to 2007 he was in court on a regular basis.

The lawyer said there was then a gap in his re-offending but in 2012 his grandmother passed away.

It was the defendant’s grandfather’s 80th birthday and Sweeten fell off the wagon. He had no recollection of events but he was contrite and had taken steps to deal with his alcohol problem.