MP slams erection of tricolours near factory

Irish Tricolour
Irish Tricolour

There has been anger after a number of Irish tricolours were put up close to the Ulster Carpets Factory at Victoria Terrace in Portadown.

Upper Bann MP David Simpson criticised the flags which he said were marring a main route into the town centre.

Mr Simpson said, “As we are well aware; the issue of flags in Northern Ireland has been a heated topic in recent years and the erection of a number of tri-colours on a main route into the Portadown town centre has done nothing to solve the principle of this debate, especially as this area is very mixed. Residents from the area have contacted myself in recent days highlighting their concerns and I have assured them that we are pushing for action to be taken. 

“It is quite ironic how the Republic of Ireland flags were erected at the same time and in the same area where local Orangemen were denied their right to dedicate an arch (which has now been taken down) in memory of the late Mr Forbes. 

“We are so often lectured on the need for tolerance in our country. It is about time people recognised that we are a sovereign member of the United Kingdom and Unionists who live in an area with these foreign flags erected does nothing to help community tensions in that particular area. I appreciate the hard work of many on the ground who are working hard to advance and improve our communities in Portadown. As a society we must work together to solve on-going disputes and ensure that our area is advanced and can be transformed into a vibrant and sustainable place for us to work, live and feel proud of.”