‘No improvement’ on dog fouling problem

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MEMBERS of the public claim there has been no improvement in the dog fouling problem, despite a campaign by the paper to clean up the area.

The Times asked people, via its Facebook page, if they had seen any progress and the answer was an overwhelming ‘no’, with most people claiming the situation is as bad as ever.

Below are some of the comments:

Andrea Judge - The Ashgrove Road and Garvaghy Road is a disgrace.

Colleen Murphy - I agree, Andrea. The green in Ballyoran is covered as well.

Jet Tirol - There’s been no improvement.

Karl Black - There has been no improvement. The council need to start by sending out teams to clean already disposed waste followed by enforcement team to publicly catch people.

Mark Brady - No improvement whatsoever, it’s everywhere.

Will Dugan - Why does it take three council employees to empty these bins? This should be a one person job. No wonder our rates are so high. Wake up to waste, Craigavon Council.

Glenda Best - No improvement whatsoever. It’s a nightmare whilst out walking my son. It’s like a game of dodge the poo.

Caroline McMullen - West Street is the same with dogs fouling, it’s a disgrace.

Trevor Hall - Corcrain is full off it too. I own a dog and it only takes a minute to lift its poo. You can buy nappy bags in Tesco for 30p - better paying that than a fine.

Kez Marks - It is an absolute nightmare around Kernan Hill Manor. People either don’t bother lifting the mess or if they do, they just leave the wee bags at the side of the path as there is only one bin. Lots of us have dogs in this area and it’s frustrating.

Jonny Love - The only improvement is that with the light nights returning soon at least we might be able to see it before it’s too late.

Phil Molloy - Put the fine up to £200 and introduce a fine for dogs that are not on a lead. As a responsible dog owner I always bring extra bags and clean up after my dog. If a bin is full I double bag and wait until the next bin or use my bin at home.

Jay Woolsey - Every dog should have DNA extracted when it is registered and the wardens should walk around with a waste tester to determine the house in which the dog belongs to.

This way there is no escape. The money collected from fines could fund this. Dog wardens are a waste of time and money. They can’t be everywhere. Also the perpetrators should be named and shamed weekly in the Times. Disgusting.

Johnny Bamber - Although it’s Armagh Council, Clare Glen has only a bin at each end. I’ve tried to train our dog to waste at the entrance but no luck so far. So I’m forced to walk the distance with a bag of waste. Alternate is to leave it, which unfortunately some people do.

Emma Moore - There is a bin right next to Millington School that is never full and there are always at least three different dog mess piles underneath it. The surrounding roads are just as bad.

Jennifer Quinn - Bleary area is really bad. Can’t even take the kids out on their bikes. We have enough bins, people just choose not to use them. Calvertstown Road is particularly bad and everyone knows whose dogs are doing it. Feel like naming and shaming.

Neil Robinson - There still continues to be quite a lot of dog fouling going on in Killicomaine area. There isnt even a proper dog waste bin in the Abercorn Park area near the children’s play park!