14 films to look forward to in 2017

From thrillers to comedies and superheroes, we have already been treated to some big releases this year.


Warning as ID fraud reaches record levels

People are being warned to protect their personal data, as 172,919 identity frauds were recorded in 2016.

Lego tape

Turn any surface into Lego with Lego friendly tape

Turn any surface into Lego with this AMAZING Lego-friendly sticky tape
Fruit and veg

Do you really need to eat ten portions of fruit and veg a day?

Only a quarter of UK adults manage to eat the officially recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. In fact, almost half eat less than three a day. It seems unlikely, then, that most people would be able to reach the ten a day suggested by several pieces of research published in the last few years.

Ball pit

Children’s toy recalled over safety fears

Smyths Toys Stores has recalled a popular product amid safety fears.
See the Northern Lights

Top 50 things everyone should do by the age of 50

Researchers have identified the top 50 things everyone should do before they turn 50 - such as getting a tattoo, seeing the Northern Lights - and having sex on the beach.
Experts believe the energy bursts could be aliens at work.

Energy flashes in distant galaxies ‘could be alien spacecraft’

Mysterious flashes of energy detected in distant galaxies may be evidence of super-advanced aliens powering interstellar spacecraft, theorists claim.

How fluent is your 'Norn Iron'?

How to speak ‘Norn Iron’ - an A-Z guide

There really is no place like home so with that in mind here are a few bits and pieces that only people from Northern Ireland can understand.

The Chip Cup has sold out in stores and online

The must-have £4 Primark item selling for 10 times its value on the web

Tracey Island, Tellytubbies... and now Disney’s Chip purse - all sparking a frenzy among shoppers rushing to grab a rare kids’ toy before they sell out.

There's even a ventriloquist doll wearing a HMS Belfast uniform for sale.

10 weird and wonderful items on eBay that have something to do with Northern Ireland

We have scoured eBay to bring you the 10 most weird and wonderful items that have something to do with Northern Ireland that are for sale.

Stop sexual harrassment

How to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace

Whether you’ve been physically or verbally assaulted, shrugging sexual harassment off as a bit of banter isn’t the right thing to do — especially when you’re at work.
Screenshot of the application form

TV series 'The Secret Lives of 4 and 5 year olds' now recruiting

The Secret Life of ... is appealing for four and five-year-olds to help make a new series. Do you want your child to be involved?
Did you base your pet choice by the reaction you would get on social media?

One in seven pick their pet based on potential social media ‘likes’

One in seven people pick a cat or dog based on how many ‘likes’ they think their pet will get on social media, a new survey has found.


Cigarette use in decline on National No Smoking Day

Today (March 8) is National No Smoking Day, and appropriately, new figures released show that the number of smokers is at its lowest level since records began in 1974.

Clinton Cards has withdrawn the birthday card from all its stores.

Clintons to pull ‘disgusting’ x-rated birthday card from shops following Twitter complaint

A “disgusting” x-rated birthday card has been removed from all Clintons shops following an online complaint.

Watching television

Too much TV is ‘like heroin’ for children

Just two hours of telly a day is leaving young children unprepared for school, a study shows.

Portstewart strand

National Trust announces FREE open days

The National Trust, Northern Ireland’s leading conservation charity, is opening up its special places in Fermanagh for free on March 4 and 5 and many of its other places across Northern Ireland on March 11.
The new �1 coin.

Everything you need to know about the new £1 coin

For the first time in 30 years the £1 coin is about to be replaced - and here is everything you need to know.

Dieters left comments on the Porky Whites Facebook page on Wednesday.

Dieters furious after diet sausages revealed to be 800% WORSE than first claimed

Dieters have gone bonkers after low fat sausages they were pigging out on were recategorised by Slimming World - as 800 per cent worse than initially thought.

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