Sheep in stroll through estate

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Sky employee Peter Marks had a woolly encounter on Tuesday morning, when he was faced with a sheep invasion in a Richhill estate.

Peter came across the sheepish trespassers whilst out working at a property in Moss Park, Richhill.

“I had just packed up my stuff and was heading out of the house, when I looked up and saw the herd of sheep standing in the drive,” Peter explained. “There was no farmer in sight.

There were thirty or more sheep, and when I turned my engine on, they backed off into a garden and started munching on hedges and grass.”

None of the neighbours appeared to be at home at the time to witness the sheep, though fortunately, Peter captured the ewe-nique event on camera.

“There was no one about to see it – everyone was at work,” Peter said. “You’d usually see dogs or cats out on the loose, but never sheep! I drove off as they munched away at a garden, though dear knows where they are now!”