Opinion divided on Northway roadworks

We asked for your views on the roadworks at the Northway.

Here’s what you had to say.

Queues of traffic pass the roadworks on the Northway. INPT07-105gc

Queues of traffic pass the roadworks on the Northway. INPT07-105gc

What’s wrong with the Northway now? They’re always doing something to it! It’s never worth the hassle and it looks no different when they finish it three months later! Waste of time and money!

Dani Austin

Should they not be tackling the part of the Northway by the Asda turn-off first, the part that always floods whenever we have a heavy downpour? It’s the knock-on effect that it has on other roads that is worse. From 5pm most days last week, the Carn Road was at a standstill with traffic trying to get to the Carn roundabout, to get onto the slip road, to get onto the Northway - madness!

Tamsin Kelly

Why couldn’t this work be done at the weekends? The work only seems to be taking up 50 feet at most, so why is there 3/4 of a mile coned off?

Michael O’Neill

Do it at night time, problem solved.

Sean Dignam

If it was done at night it would cost more. Surely those that are complaining about it should be able to see the benefit of it when it is done. It’s a small inconvenience for now for a great benefit when it’s finished. I don’t see the problem. People give off all the time about the state of the roads then when the DRD do something about it the same people complain again.

Leigh Silcock

Where is the need to close the entire inside lane between the Kernan Loop and Seagoe Hill when they are working right up by the Seagoe Hill? It’s a complete and utter joke. Close the section nearest to where they are working, not a mile stretch for 100m of work.

Simon Anderson

Take the people that think it’s a racetrack off it and it’d be grand as it is. People forcing others to slow down so they can squeeze in is plain wrong.

Matthew Grimley

Ten weeks - nightmare!

Caroline McCotter

Whilst I welcome the widening of this part of the Northway, it won’t be much use until the bottleneck at the Shillington bridge is sorted by widening it. Traffic heading out towards the M12 gets funnelled from two lanes to one three times. Until all three of these bottlenecks are removed, widening works will be ineffective.

Warren Wilding

Great! Just what the town needs again. Back to the only way into town is via helicopter!

Wayne McClatchey

The Northway always seems to have roadworks. But what really get on our goat is all those cones and when you pass their are NO workmen! Or they are sitting in their vans having a break. We were in Donegal for two days and we passed roadworks on the way up and the guys had resurfaced three miles of road within two days. I think our councillors need to put pressure on these roadworks and push them on.

Vintage Chic NI