Orange protest planned for Twelfth

Portadown Orangemen – in common with Orange Districts throughout Northern Ireland – will stage a six-minute protest in the town during their return parade at tomorrow (Saturday’s) Twelfth.

It will take place adjacent to the Pleasure Gardens when the parade is going back uptown after proceeding from Brownstown to Edenderry and will last for around six minutes. It will take place at approximately 5.45-6pm.

The parade will come to a halt when the officers at the front reach the old 
‘Regal’ roundabout and a protest statement will be read out, slamming the Parades Commission for banning parades like North Belfast, Dunloy, Rasharkin, “and especially Drumcree and Victoria 
Terrace here in Portadown”.

The statement will be read out by one of the Portadown officers and copies will be distributed among the crowd watching the parade.

It is part of the 
graduated response to the halting of parades.

Said Portadown District Master Darryl Hewitt, “This will be an example that all protests will be within the law. The statement will underline our loss of civil rights and it is especially relevant in Portadown where Drumcree has been an on-going denial of our rights, plus the recent banning of the Victoria Terrace march to dedicate the Parkmount Arch.”

See pages 8 and 9 for full details of the Twelfth and Thirteenth celebrations.