Parking overhaul top of 2014 town wish-list


A major overhaul of parking and traffic management in Portadown is top of many people’s wish list for the town in 2014.

We asked readers on Facebook and Twitter last week about what action could be taken to improve the town in the year to come.

Warren Wilding said, “A major review of traffic management in the town is needed, proper surveys carried out etc. Also the widening of Shillington Bridge would be a huge help to remove the bottleneck there.

“The town centre parking situation needs to be addressed and initiatives to get the high street back to life before it becomes a ghost town.

“Whatever is happening with the cinema? The site was vacated back in the summer, since then, nothing.”

Roger Gill said, “Get the traffic sorted on Armagh Road and stop the demise of the town centre in what used to be ‘the hub of the north’”.

Lisa Mercer, “Sorted out the hedges and state of overgrown paths on Tandragee Road. You have to go over the white line at a point where hedge protrudes the road.”

Randall Morrison, “Better shops instead of cafés and charity shops. Of course, that would only happen if the rent was reduced and we all know that’s not going to happen.”

Hannah Smith, “There seriously needs to be more of a push to increase the retail sector. The Meadows has no real attraction and is a hall of unfilled space. Some sort of an attraction like a cinema or ice rink would be needed to stimulate interest in the town again.”

Jet Tirol, “Political maturity and political will should improve between and among the different political parties, realizing that the people will remember the kind of civil service and legacy each councillor gives. Whether it’s worth remembering or forgetting.”

Karen Cowan, “Free parking would help the town. Rushmere is so busy now compared to town because you can park and shop without charges. I’m from Portadown and the changes are unbelievable. There are no good shops anymore. It’s like a ghost town now.”

Heather Wright said, “Further support from the council to those providing activities, hobbies and sports opportunities might improve what Portadown can offer its residents. We have to address the parking issue to support business in the town centre. I’d love to see a late night coffee shop but maybe that would happen alongside cinema or other similar venture. A Christmas mini ice rink at Tesco/Meadows or St Mark’s would be lovely - but A&E might not agree!”

Chris Deering said, “If we had no bus stops and one bus station there would be a lot more space for people to park and the buses would be more likely to be on time. Also something could be done with the grassy area between Meadows and the river. A skatepark maybe?”

Trevor Holland, “Everyone is for cross community but it should start from an early age. There should be a park like Carnfunnock in Larne or Wallace Park in Lisburn where you could make a day of it for all the family instead of travelling out of town to go to others. Either beside Tesco where the current park is or what should have been done instead of planting trees is use the surrounding area around Edenvilla/Bachelors Walk.”

Shirley Branyon called for people to have more pride in the town. “The people of Portadown staying in Portadown, supporting their local shops and having a sense of community pride would help. There’s an old saying - the more you put into something the more you get out. If we support local entrepreneurs and community groups then a real sense of civic pride will be restored by people power.”