Pastor from Burma the guest speaker

PORTADOWN'S Pillar Christian Church will have a special speaker this Sunday (March 8).

He is Pastor Timothy Mang, from Burma’s capital city Yangon. He oversees large-scale Christian work in the south of the country which was struck by the cyclone which devastated the area, killing 150,000 people in May, 2008.

Scott Hynds, who fronts the town’s Pillar Christian Church, said, “Timothy is responsible for an incredible amount of work in Burma. He is in charge of a large Bible College, two children’s homes, 30-plus churches and a huge humanitarian programme. And he has just finished translating the New Testament into his native tongue.

“Burma is controled by a military junta which rules through fear and persecution. ”

Pastor Mang will speak at 11am on Sunday in Corcrain community centre ( for further details).