Peter goes behind bars to support MS

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He has walked over hot coals, has run the Berlin Marathon, acted as MC for a gala charity ball.

Soon, Peter Cardwell is going to jail! And all to support his adopted charity, the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society.

Richhill man Peter (29) – news reporter with Ulster Television – will, along with about 40 aspiring jailbirds, spend a night in the cold, dark, dank Crumlin Road Prison, where there is purported to be a ghost. But the ghoul holds no fears for Peter as he is from Richhill where the castle contains a rather notorious spirit of the dead.

Research and the hunt for a cure to MS are close to Peter’s heart. An aunt, Sheila Morrow, died in 2005 after being diagnosed with a serious level of the condition. And another aunt, Hazel Millar, has a less serious type.

Said Peter, “Hazel leads an active life and is secretary of the Omagh Branch of the MS Society. She inspired me to become involved, so I literally hit the road in Berlin in September 2012 and ran the marathon. I was delighted to have raised £5,000, that set me on my way, and the Northern Ireland

MS Council asked me to act as MC for their annual ball, with my TV background.

“That got me realty involved, I joined the Council and ran a coffee morning at Richhill Methodist Church with raised £1,000. Then my brother Tom and I rose to the challenge of walking on hot coals, after tuition to move as though we were hurrying for a bus. The trick is to walk fast and lightly, and we came through unscathed, raising another £500.”

MS Council members “and similar spooks” are spending that night in Crumlin Road in late May. Peter’s first sponsor is none other than Jeremy Paxman, the inquisitor of Newsnight, who has donated £100.

“Off-screen he’s a really nice man,” Pater recalled, Donations are via -