Portadown man receives suspended sentence for drug offence


A Portadown man has been given a three month jail sentence suspended for three years after he was caught with drugs near Lurgan.

Alan Joseph McCreery from Ballybay Meadows was stopped by police on the Tullygally Road, Craigavon on March 13 this year.

Craigavon Magistrates Court heard McCreery had ‘blood shot eyes and police said they had found a grinder and cannabis which the defendant claimed to have paid £20 for.

The court also heard McCreery’s last offence was for possessing shot gun cartridges and a tazer gun and he was due to finish his probation order in June.

His solicitor said that while McCreery had a ‘very bad record for violence’ he had never used drugs prior to a murder when a friend of his was stabbed and died in his arms.

Judge Mervyn Bates said that his last sentence was for eight months jail suspended for three years.

He said: ”You have not been involved with drugs before and if you had not had such a record you would have been dealt with by a fine.”

“The suspended eight month jail term is to protect the public,” he added.

Referring to the 26-year-old defendant’s retort to police when he was stoppped that ‘it was just cannabis’, Judge Bates said: “It may be to you but it is illegal.”

He sentenced McCreery to three months in custody suspended for three years until May 201, adding: “Drugs being less serious than possessing a weapon.”

He also ordered the destruction of the drugs.