Portadown police in warning over scam


Police in Portadown have issued a warning after a resident fell victim to a PPI scam.

The resident was contacted by a person who identified themselves as Alexander Gammie. The caller advised the resident that he worked for the government in relation to PPI and that he was due £3,000.

The caller asked the resident to purchase a Ukash voucher for £300. The resident did this and passed the number on to the caller who then said he was actually entitled to £6,000 and told the resident he would need a Ukash voucher for this amount.

The resident purchased a second Ukash voucher and was told a cheque would be delivered in person the next morning. A cheque was not delivered.

Police are advising residents to continue to be cautious when dealing with unsolicited letters, texts, calls, or emails offering loans or to release money, refund fees, pay lottery wins, or give away holidays and prizes.