Principal angry at contents of letter

Stephen Creber, principal of Brownlow College. INLM1212-157gc
Stephen Creber, principal of Brownlow College. INLM1212-157gc

Brownlow Integrated College principal Stephen Creber, whose school was described by the SELB as “very disappointing”, claimed that “through deliberate misinformation many schools have been damaged”.

He said, “My school is far from disappointing in terms of pupil performance. The added value that pupils at Brownlow gain over their five years is outstanding and would be better than many schools in similar circumstances throughout Northern Ireland. Furthermore, the figures used in the SELB’s document for Brownlow are misleading and in my opinion have been presented very deliberately in a way to damage Brownlow.”

He pointed out that Brownlow is non-selective – “we enrol pupils of all abilities and backgrounds and we all provide these children with a well-rounded education in mixed ability schools. We do not select only the top performers.”

In his angry response, Mr Creber added, “Brownlow Integrated College serves the whole community. We have young people in our school from different backgrounds, cultures and countries. My staff provide these students with an excellent education, high quality pastoral support and the opportunity to share their beliefs and values in a school that respects all and educates all.”