Puppy pounced on by bull terrier-type dog

Owen Matchett with his dog, Snickers. INPT13-112gc
Owen Matchett with his dog, Snickers. INPT13-112gc

A dog owner has spoken of his terror after his Cocker Spaniel puppy was set upon by a bull terrier-type dog on Tuesday evening.

Owen Matchett and his wife Dawn were walking nine-month-old Snickers on the cycle path beside Bocombra PS around 8pm when the incident happened.

It is the second time in a fortnight that the dog, which was accompanied by its owner but was not on a leash, has pounced on the Matchetts’ pup at the same location.

Said Owen, “I am a big guy but it was really, really scary. The dog just came out of the dark and went straight for our dog. It was a tan and white bull terrier breed and it put its head under my dog to try and flip it over.

“I lifted Snickers because I was convinced he was going to be savaged. I would rather have been bitten myself. Then the other dog started hopping on its hind legs trying to reach our dog.

“My wife started crying, She was terrified and so was I. We turned round and walked in the opposite direction and the dog followed us. What would have happened if this was a young mum out walking with a baby in a pram?”

Mr Matchett contacted Craigavon Borough Council’s dog warden the following morning.

A council spokesperson said, “This must have been a very frightening incident for both the dog and its owners and we would like to thank them for bringing this incident to our attention.

“We will monitor the area and would remind all dog owners of their responsibilities to ensure their dogs are kept under control at all times. Under new legislation it is a very serious offence for dogs to attack other dogs and can lead to serious consequences for the dog owner.

“If anyone can shed any information on this incident, please contact the dog warden on 028 3831 2523.”