Report ‘proof of good work at the College’

An “excellent” inspection report on Portadown College is proof that the school “should have its long-term future secured”.

Peter Aiken, chairman of the Board of Governors, was speaking after the publication of the report which rated the school as ‘very good’ in terms of overall performance.

It also received ‘very good’ in three other areas, including achievements and standards and leadership.

Mr Aiken said the report clearly demonstrated that Portadown College was a sustainable school in full compliance with all criteria laid down by the Department of Education and as such should be supported by the SELB and the department.

The report described the pupils as “mature, self-confident, polite, courteous and articulate young people who are keen to learn”.

Teachers were also praised, with more than 75 per cent of lessons observed either ‘very good or outstanding’. The report noted that at A-Level most subjects are above the NI average for similar schools.

Simon Harper, principal of Portadown College said, “This is an excellent inspection report which reflects the outstanding achievements of the College and accurately portrays the terrific work carried out by the school.”

Turning to the Dickson Plan, he said, “The outcomes of all recent inspections of controlled post-primary schools in the Dickson Plan are all good or very good.

“Given, too, that Dickson Plan controlled schools outperform the rest of NI, the Minister has only his own blighted views on education to fuel his determination to cripple a system which enjoys overwhelming community support.”