Residents in call for action

A resident in Bachelors Avenue says he is “totally sick” of living on a building site, more than a year after the builder, Tiffen Developments, was placed in administration.

The father-of-two, who does not wish to be named but has been living in the Killcomaine Road development for nearly five years, said the roads and pavements are still unfinished and the site is being used as a dumping ground.

The residents’ cause has been taken up by the PUP which is describing it as a “test case” for around six developments in the Portadown area where the developer has gone bust or stopped building due to lack of demand.

John Stevenson of the PUP said residents were concerned about a number of issues including children’s safety, unsecured fences and the unsightly state of the development.

The party has negotiated a five per cent rates decrease for residents and has also been given an assurance by Roads Service that the footpaths and roads will be completed.

The resident said, “My children can hardly get up the kerbs, they are so steep, and I still have two planks of wood over the kerb at the end of the driveway to prevent the car from getting damaged.

“As for the dumping, I have seen trailers pulling up and unloading tiles, concrete and glass - and because the fence was down the children were getting in and playing in it.”

He added, “I feel let down by whoever is meant to be running the site now. When we bought the house we got this lovely brochure and five years on we have a 20ft mud hill in front of us. Lots of other residents feel the same.”

“I don’t blame Tiffen. When they were on site, the fence was secured, there was no dumping, the grass was cut and any snags with the houses were fixed.”

Tiffen was placed in receivership by the Ulster Bank last January.