Richhill man starts petition opposing racism

Matt Beeching.
Matt Beeching.

Richhill man Matt Beeching has a deep aversion to racism – internationally, nationally and locally. So much so that he has started an online petition and calls on “all fair-minded people” to sign.

His petition has been prompted by happenings in Belfast – the outpouring by Pastor James McConnell that “Muslims are not to be trusted, are heathen and satanic”, followed by the Peter Robinson’s support, and “the psychological abuse of Anna Lo, that had her in tears during her emotional TV interview”.

He also pointed to the Dineen Walker situation in Newtownabbey where the DUP councillor was being considered as Mayor, “but her social media post that accused Anna Lo of being a racist (which was later taken down) meant she missed out”.

Mr Beeching claimed that the “whole sorry mess led to the two Pakistanis quitting Belfast after being attacked in their home”. He also rounded on Portadown UKIP Councillor David Jones for his statements carried in last week’s Portadown Times calling on the EU to stem the tide of immigration.

He added, “People like David Jones should work towards stemming the tide of racism. I concede that he chose his words carefully when he said there must be sensible immigration, especially in the case of doctors, nurses, scientists and care workers. I believe, though, that he laid too much emphasis on the claim that immigrants milk the welfare system.

“The vast majority of foreign nationals in Portadown subscribe to the economy. Where would factories like Moy Park be with the hard-working immigrants employed there? Portadown, fortunately, has high employment and these people are vital to our economy.

“Mr Jones and I do agree on the professionals being here, and there should be more emphasis on seeking out illegal immigrants. But I question the attitude put abroad by UKIP, claiming that immigrants are a drain in the benefits system.” To sign the petition, contact Matt on matt.beeching_political@yahoo