Rise in burglary figures for Portadown

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DUP councillor Darryn Causby has urged the police “not to hide behind overall figures” as he revealed that burglaries rose by over 11 per cent in Portadown last year.

He was responding to specific figures which he had requested from the PSNI.

The figures show that burglaries in Portadown rose from 160 in 2012/2013 to 178 the following year.

In Lurgan, burglaries fell from 273 to 235 and in Brownlow from 132 to 128, for the same period.

Said Mr Causby, “We were told that burglary figures were down. Yes, they are across the whole Craigavon area but people need to be aware they are on the increase in Portadown.

“It’s not about creating fear. It’s about encouraging people to take precautions, such as locking doors and windows, even if they are only leaving the house for a short time.”

He revealed that just last week he had been out to visit an elderly woman on the Derrymacfall Road, who had been burgled after leaving her home for less than an hour.

“We spoke to the Housing Executive and they have agreed to get her a new back door and install extra locks on the front door. This poor lady just wants to live in peace. The people who commit these crimes have no regard for other people’s property,” he said.

Just this week the police issued advice to anyone going away over the summer. This includes locking doors and windows, and not leaving keys or valuables in plain view.

“Do not advertise the fact that you are leaving home and don’t post details of your holiday on social media sites,” advised a spokesperson.