Seventy-year-old man accused of throwing petrol bomb at neighbour’s house


A 70-year-old Portadown man has been charged with arson endangering life and throwing a petrol bomb at his neighbour’s house.

George Ronald Brown, Ulsterville Grove, appeared in the dock last Friday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

He was charged that on January 9, 2014, without lawful excuse he damaged by fire an area surrounding a boiler house intending to damage the property and thereby endanger the life of the occupant.

Brown was also charged with throwing a petrol bomb with intent to damage the property and possession of a petrol bomb.

Mr Brendan Hagan, representing the defendant, said the injured party was a neighbour. He added that Brown had lived there for 30 years while the neighbour, who is Lithuanian, had been there for five years.

Mr Hagan said that if the defendant was given bail going back to his house was not an option. There would be no objection to bail if an address in Portadown could be found and that he does not go near Ulsterville Grove.

Mr Hagan told the court that Brown would be denying the charges. He explained that CCTV showed a male of about 50 and his face is only identified fleetingly. Brown insists he was in bed at the time.

Brown was granted bail of £400 with the condition that a suitable address was found.