Snowdrops at The Argory

Taking a tour of the Argory.
Taking a tour of the Argory.

SNOWDROPS will be one of the main attractions at The Argory during the month of February.

Despite the cold snap and falling snow, signs of spring are showing at The Argory as the snowdrops begin to appear. The little white flowers with their nodding heads have peeped through, bringing with them a breath of fresh air and a sign that spring it on its way.

The small, white, bell-shaped flowers are always a welcome sight as winter draws to a close. Snowdrops are brave little flowers and the colder the weather, the longer they will last, with some flowering into March. Not only are the snowdrops brave enough to cope with whatever the weather throws at them, they are also the masters of subtlety.

Their blue-grey spears have perforated the damp earth and the shoots have expanded, releasing their delicate, dangling green and white bells.

The Argory will be open every Saturday and Sunday in February from 12 to 5pm.

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