Spate of rural robberies


Police are keeping a careful eye on the Ballinacorr area after a spate of robberies from garden sheds, Councillor Margaret Tinsley has informed residents.

Police have a perfect set of footprints left by a thief who stole a £400 power washer from one of the sheds – he raced off when there was frost on the ground, and left the distinctive marks of what are thought to be trainers.

That was just one of a series of thefts which the robbers carried out, stealing portable items and leaving the scenes on foot. The second was a chain saw theft, and again there was no sight nor sound of a getaway car.

Said Mrs Tinsley, “The third resulted in a gas heater and a drill disappearing, and there were a further two reported to the police in the ensuing days – all in the same pattern with forced entry into the sheds and then making off on foot.

“I have had meeting with the PSNI and they assure me they are keeping an added watch in the vicinity of the incidents. If they are on foot, they can’t live too far away. These are small items that can be easily disposed of.”

Mrs Tinsley asked everyone to keep an eye out for the on-foot thief.