Statue erection causes a stir

Portadown’s public art has finally been erected and already it is causing quite a stir.

As the workmen toil bedding in the giant figures holding an apple, motorists peered from the busy Northway super-junction, curious at the latest landscape transformation.

Portadown public art

Portadown public art

Indeed it caused a bit of a traffic jam as some rubbernecking drivers tried to catch more than a glimpse of the new feature.

The statue, which was commissioned over four years ago, has been erected in West Street by Craigavon Borough Council.

Lurgan’s statue, of two figures holding a piece of cloth, representing the linen trade, was erected on Tuesday.

Both figures, created by Donegal sculptor Maurice Harron, lay dormant for 32 months at Carn Depot, delayed by bureaucracy.

Portadown’s four-metre high, stainless steel statue, represents the Bramley apple.

It is believed part of the delays to the Portadown statue involved the foundations which could not be prepared until it was confirmed where the old railway turntable at West Street was situated,

The statues were ordered from Mr Harron in January 2010 and delivered on schedule in July the following year.