The steaks are high as family butchers coin in on ‘horse’ burgers scare

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THE horse meat scare in mass produced supermarket beefburgers has seen sales at local family butchers mount by almost 30 per cent, it was learned this week.

And the odds are that the trend will continue, as stakeholders in the family-owned firms point out that the steak content in their burgers is purely bovine.

They add that they know where their burgers start and finish - the raw material comes from UK and Irish farms, and the entire manufacturing process is completed on the premises. Horse has never been a starter - “you can bet on that.”

Said West Street butcher Barry Knox, whose firm is riding high on the horse meat scare, “We’re really surprised at the way the punters have reacted. Our sales to the general public are up about 25 per cent, but schools have also been ordering from us for their cooking classes and that pushed it up towards the 30 per cent mark.

“All true family butchers like ourselves are experiencing the same thing. We all know our suppliers personally, and our burgers are not mass produced and frozen. They’re fresh daily and that makes all the difference to flavour - and now to public confidence.”

The fresh ones, he added, beat the mass produced by a distance, and he felt it was a fair bet that the trend would continue. “If this is a long shot into the summer barbecue season, it will really take off,” said Barry.

“I honestly believe that fresh burgers made on the premises by the local butcher have a better flavour, and they will have real staying power.”

A case of the mass producer burger not being at the races with the individually made burger, perhaps...