Traders braced for disruption from 2015 work

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Lisburn city traders have been warned to expect more significant disruption to their businesses next year.

During a meeting of traders last Friday it was revealed that Northern Ireland Water are to undertake major sewer-laying projects next year.

Work will take place across the entire length of Linenhall Street between January and March 2015. And after a break, similar work is scheduled for Antrim Street and Antrim Road during next year’s summer holidays.

The news will be tough to take for traders who have already endured months of disruption due to the public realm scheme.

Only two weeks ago we reported how business said trade had dropped 75 per cent during the work.

In a statement to the Ulster Star, NI Water said it is currently undertaking a major sewerage project in Lisburn worth some £4.8 million.

It explained that Phase 1 of the project, a £2.9 million scheme to replace the wastewater pumping station at Drumbeg Drive, has been under way since summer 2013, and is “approaching completion”.

Phase 2, worth £1.9 million, is due to commence in October 2014, but NI insist work will have “no significant impact on Lisburn city centre” until January 2015.

“We will keep local traders and other customers fully informed of the details of the project, and work alongside the local council and other stakeholders to ensure the smoothest possible operation of this scheme,” they said.

NI also revealed that “minor pre-contract ground investigation work” will take place in Linenhall Street, Antrim Street and Antrim Road in the near future.

A “small number of on-street parking bays” will be taken out of service for a short period to facilitate the work.