Two-month driving ban


A young Portadown man was banned from driving for two months last Friday at Craigavon Magistrates Court for a no insurance offence.

Eighteen-year-old Jamie Drummond, The Manor, was also fined £200. As well he was fined £90 and banned for two months for not having a valid licence.

The court heard he was stopped while riding a motorcycle in Meadow Lane, Portadown.

The bike did not belong to him and he did not a proper licence or insurance. He told police, “I just wanted to take the bike for a ride around town.”

The defendant had a licence but had not completed the compulsory basic training for a motorcycle.

A solicitor for Drummond said the bike belonged to a friend and he asked to take it for a spin. He asked if the court would consider imposing a short period of disqualification as he would find it difficult to take the test again.