Video - Portadown team driving 10,000 miles for local charities

A team of intrepid Portadown adventurers have set off on the trip of a lifetime to Mongolia.

The trio, who make up team Not Fast or Furious, are taking part in the world famous - or infamous - Mongol Rally.

Alex Forbes, Michael Busby and Andrew Richardson - team Not fast or Furious.

Alex Forbes, Michael Busby and Andrew Richardson - team Not fast or Furious.

Taking to the roads are Alex Forbes, Michael Busby and Andrew Richardson (all aged 20), raising money for the Fields of Life and Cool Earth charities.

This 10,000 mile journey from London to Mongolia is not a race or a supported event, there are no water stops, no hotels dotted along the route and no helpers for the inevitable flat tyres and breakdowns.

Once the drive begins, participants are on their own. Even the use of GPS navigation is discouraged despite many unmarked roads and the terrain ranging from desert to mountain ranges. It’s all in aid of raising money for charity.

Team leader Alex explained, “We’ve been thinking of cool ways to raise money for Fields of Life and taking part in the Mongol Rally seemed like a good idea when we were travelling in Australia last year. I got a taste for long road journeys when I travelled over 2,000 miles while in Australia.”

The trio are all past pupils of Portadown College where they launched their mammoth bid to the complete school assembly and raised £406.86 in the process.

Andrew continued, “We’ve named our team ‘Not Fast Or Furious’ because we don’t foresee the journey being fast or furious. We’ll be navigating through 23 countries and on many precarious roads heading towards the finish line, the ancient Mongol Capital of Ulaanbaatar.”

Team Not Fast Or Furious departed from Battersea Park in London on July 20 and hope to complete the epic journey in around six weeks. Michael explained, “We’ve already spent over £600 each for the visas.”

The boys bought a car specially for the trip. Alex explained, “We bought the car from a friend who did us a really good deal. Tom Wilson helped us a lot.”

They’re hoping to contribute as much as possible towards drilling a borehole to provide clean, safe, drinking water to over 1,000 people in Uganda.

You can keep up to date on their website or follow their progress on Facebook for weekly updates at – ‘Mongol Rally -Team Not Fast or Furious’.

To contact the boys email: or phone 07756 510 106.