Woman lied over assault to get back at man


A woman who claimed she had been assaulted later admitted to police that she had lied just to get back at a person.

Olga Jemeljanova (26) Burnbrae Avenue, Portadown was put on probation for six months last Wednesday at Craigavon Court for wasting police time by making a false statement.

The court heard that on April 26 last year, police attended an address in Portadown after a complaint of a domestic assault had been made by the defendant.

She said that a person had tried to hit her in the face, but she blocked it with her hand.

The person she accused then arrived at the address, and there were further allegations made, which resulted in this person being arrested for common assault and threats to kill.

Police, however, noticed that details in the defendant’s written statement were different from her verbal allegations.

On April 30, she made a written statement that there was no assault and she had made the claim as a way of getting back at this person.

She felt that he was out with friends and drinking too much.

She was angry, so she wanted him arrested.

Because of her claims police had to take two crews off the ground, one for three and a half hours and the other for approximately two hours.

Defence said she had no previous convictions and a pre-sentence report indicated no likelihood of her re-offending.