Woman made nuisance calls to 999 number


After getting police to her home with a 999 call, a Portadown woman then asked them to move her partner into another bedroom, Craigavon Magistrates Court heard last week.

Fifty six year old Rosemary Kearns, Ballyoran Park, Portadown, admitted making nuisance emergency calls between December 24 last year and February 8 this year.

She was fined £200 and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

The court heard that she made four 999 calls to police.

The first time, when she was heavily intoxicated, she asked them to remove a Mr Finnegan from her house. When police arrived she refused them entry and told them to ‘f—k off’.

When they arrived following the next call she asked them to move Mr Finnegan from one bedroom to another.

On the next occasion she called she said he had head-butted her and split her lip. Police saw no signs on any injury and they were again asked to move him into another bedroom.

It was the same for the fourth call as she asked police to move him into another bedroom.

When interviewed by police she admitted making the calls, saying she was scared of Mr Finnegan.

Mr Brendan Hagan, representing the defendant, said she had an alcohol dependency problem as did Mr Finnegan who is confined to a wheelchair.

He explained that when they drank, which was on nearly a daily basis, there was friction between them due to the amount of drink taken. On each occasion she was extremely intoxicated.

Mr Hagan said there had been no further phone calls to the police and his client would apologise for her conduct.

Imposing the fine District Judge, Mr Peter King, told her police had better things to do with their time.